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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

September 2006: The very beginning

i feel like my life didn't even really start until september 2006.  i had gone to and graduated from college, did a little bit of grad school, but ended up dropping out, got married, had a couple of odd jobs, but now looking back....yeah, i really did nothing of importance. sometimes i feel like i don't even remember what life was like before i started having kids. 

in september 2006, my husband, jay, and i decided that we wanted to start a family.  i was only 24, which by today's standards seems a little young to start having kids, but we had been married for three years at that point, both had good jobs, and so we felt the time was right.  we both wanted kids, and we wanted to be really good, responsible parents.  so i went to the doctor to see how i should go about this.  i just wanted to get checked out physically to make sure that everything was okay, and to find out what i needed to do in order to give a baby the best possible start in life.  

so i get to the doctor's office, and the nurse that i saw at first started asking me questions.  now...before i get too much into the story, i'm going to be very blunt about the fact that i hate this nurse.  i don't care how harsh i sound here.  she is the very definition of a pig.  she is rude, obnoxious, loud-mouth, and is wrong for the nurse profession in every way.  she shouldn't be allowed within 10 feet of a patient.  much further down the road you'll see what i am talking about and how disgusting she is.  a few times when i was at the doctor's office i could hear her gossiping about patients from all the way down the hall.  anyway, so she asked me about what i used for birth control, and i said that i had stopped taking the pill a few weeks ago because my husband and i wanted to start a family.  and she said "oh, so you want to get knocked up?".  i told her that that wasn't exactly the way i wanted to put it.  so then she asked me if i was on folic acid.  i told her no and that i didn't know what that was.  she said, "well it's very simple.  no folic acid, spina bifida.  folic acid, no spina bifida".  if i knew then what i know now, i would have been just as disgusted with this comment as i was with the "knocked up" comment.  i do not have any experience with spina bifida, but through all the other experience i have, i know that nothing is as cut and dry as she said.  i'm sure the parents of children with spina bifida would not appreciate her ignorance. 

so then the doctor came in.  correction...then the midwife came in.  the particular place that i was going has only a couple of doctors, and mostly midwives.  i asked about seeing a doctor, but she made me feel that i was insulting and offending her by asking such a question, and that seeing a doctor was completely unnecessary.  she was still fairly nice though and seemed to appreciate the fact that i was taking my future role as a mother seriously and wanted to do whatever was best.  she told me that i should be off of the pill for three months, eat healthy, start prenatal vitamins, and come back in three months to check in.  great!  i can do all that! 

so let's see....according to my calculations, i will come back in three months which will be december, she will give me the green light to go ahead and start trying, i should be pregnant within a month or two, add nine months to that, and by next christmas we should have a new little bundle of joy to celebrate with! 

how naive.   how naive.  

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