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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

October 2007: Pain

the pain in my back has moved to the front. it's right under my rib cage and it hurts so f***ing bad.  it's unbearable.  i had another monthly visit to the midwife today.  she asked what my pain was on a scale of 1 - 10 and i told her a 9.  i told her that i've barely been able to sleep at night because it hurts so much.  i haven't slept in the bed for several weeks.  the only place that i can get any sleep at all is in my recliner.  i can't even describe to her how much it hurts...and she doesn't seem to really care either.  she just keeps telling me the same thing over and over...i'm young, i'm healthy, everything is fine. 

i've also started to have what feels like sudden gas.  i have no idea what this is, but that's just what it feels like.  i've been feeling the baby move for several weeks now.  it's such a weird feeling...something moving inside of me. 

why does this midwife keep brushing me off?  i keep asking her stuff, bringing up concerns and she just keeps telling me the same thing...i'm fine.  today my blood pressure was around 120/80.  this is really high for me.  i'm usually in the 90's / 50's.  i tried to tell her this and she said that 120/80 was normal for a woman my age and that she wasn't concerned.  i really hate how stupid she makes me feel every time i talk to her.  she just isn't taking me seriously.  this pain in my side is so horrible, and she just doesn't seem to believe me.  i'm so discouraged...i just feel like i'm not going to make it through three more months of this.  

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