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Friday, March 4, 2011

Present Day: Sorry Ellen

okay...i owe ellen degeneres an apology.  the other day i went on a bit of a rant with my post about not liking who she chose to give a car and money to.  that wasn't very nice of me.  i let jealousy get the best of me...not the first time, nor the last...

anyway, i was watching ellen today and i just took a step back and remembered why i started watching it in the first place.  it just gives me a semi-break from all the pain.  for a few minutes, i get a little lost in just watching something totally meaningless (not that her show is meaningless, but i usually don't feel like crap after watching it). 

so, sorry ED...i hope we can still be friends :)

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  1. New reader here- you are an excellent writer and I am interested to follow your story. It is is so important for mommies, especially those who have experienced baby loss, to be able to express themselves and turn to one another...

    No need to apologize for any feelings that you express on your blog! It is yours and no one will fault you for venting! I'm sure Ellen would totally understand! ;)