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Thursday, March 10, 2011

December 2007: Big C et al

i'm starting to get to know the staff here in the NICU.  there are over 100 nurses here though, so i only know a few of them.  there are several doctors and i think i've met all of them.  wait, rephrase...there are several attendings, all of whom i've met, but there are ton of other "doctors"....residents, interns, blah blah blah. 

i definitely have my favorites and others that i don't like.  of the doctors, i actually have to say that i like the foreign attendings much better than the americans.  i don't know why this is, but they seem to be so much more caring and are actually LOOKING at Charlie, rather than just reading a chart.  there is one guy here that i really have a problem with.  he's such a pompous asshole.  he walks around like he's god's gift to medicine.  and i got PISSED the other day because i always try to be there when they round on the babies.  they do it twice a day.  anyway, this piece of shit doctor stood right at the front of the nursery for the "rounds", and didn't even go around and look at the babies.  i don't think he gives two shits about these babies.  i was sitting right there and he completely ignored me.  i don't care who you think you are, i have a right to know what is going on with my son.  and how can you possibly do your job well if you don't even look at your patients?  observation is actually a very powerful tool.  so he's the worst, and then i have two favorites.  one of them is just an extremely caring, kind man who seems to take his time and genuinely be concerned about Charlie.  the other is a bit of an odd duck, but i think he's an amazing doctor.  i hope that these med students appreciate how lucky they are to round with him.  it probably takes 3 times as long when he's doing rounds, but he is so thorough and really stops and thinks about each baby.  as a mother, i couldn't ask for more (realistically) from a doctor.

the nurses have been wonderful.  again, there's one woman that's really pissed me off.  she's just been very disrespectful to jay and me.  she ignores our questions, seems annoyed when we ask, and the thing that really got to me was the way that she was man-handling Charlie.  he's so fragile and she was being extremely rough with him.  jay and i were really mad, so he went and talked to one of the attendings and specifically asked that she never be assigned to Charlie again.  the doctor said he would try to accomodate our request. 

and theeeeennnnn.....there's big C.  big C is a nurse (she has a name obviously, but i'm trying to keep it ocnfidential).  anyway, big C is this big, older, black woman who scares the absolute hell out of me.  she hasn't been on Charlie as of yet, but she's been on a couple of the other babies in our nursery.  she's terrifying.  i think this woman would take hell on with a 5-gallon bucket of water.  she runs a damn tight ship, and she got on my case the other day because she didn't like where i was leaving my bag in the nursery.  she told me to keep it closer to me.  then, i got in trouble with her again because she saw that i was looking in the doctor's direction when they were talking about one of the other babies.  she came over to me and said "do you have a question?  did you need something".  (keep in mind this is in a very intimidating voice).  i didn't know what she was talking about so i just said no.  then she said..."well i saw you looking at the doctors and thought you might need something.  you know here in the NICU you have to 'not hear' what they are saying about the other babies.  you just need to focus only on your baby."  i felt like a 3rd-grader that had just been reprimanded for misbehaving. 

so that's some of the staff.  i will get to know these people more in the next several weeks...some of them i will never forget and they are more a part of my family than the people that i share blood with. others...i hope they rot in hell for the way they treated my son. 

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