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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Present Day: Dear Hughes Net

you dirty bastards.  thank you so much for your "fair access policy" which CUT ME OFF on tuesday night for 24 hours.  if your going to do that, the least you could do is have the balls to call a spade a spade.  lets face it, your "fair access" policy is nothing but a way to get more money out of me.  if i give you more money each month, i can download more.  if i buy a "redemption token" after i go over my limit, i can restore my connection.  i'd much rather you just say, "i want more money from you", than try to pass this shit off as "fair access".

for those of you who are lucky enough to be able to get dsl or cable internet in your area, let me tell you a little about hughes net satellite internet.  first of all, they charge an exorbatant amount of money each month to get "high speed".  high speed my ass.  it's certainly faster than dial up, but it's really not "fast" by any means.  this is why i can't even watch videos on the internet.  say the videos DO actually load (which a lot of times they don't), all they do is skip and skip, making the video frustratingly impossible to watch. oh, and if i do get to watch a skipping video, that uses up my daily allowance pretty quickly, and then i get cut the eff off.  oh, my favorite part of their commercials is when the woman on there says "just think, in the time that you can download just one song on dial up, you can download an entire album on hughes net".  NO YOU CAN'T BECAUSE YOU PIECES OF SHIT CUT ME OFF AFTER ABOUT 6 SONGS -- FAIR ACCESS!!!

so, to all you lovely policy makers at hughes net, please rest assured that i will be telling everyone i know how much you suck and will be looking for every possible alternative to your service that there is out there.  and by the way, i'd bet my whopping savings account ('s actually really tiny) that whoever decided to make that damn fair access policy was NEVER a stay-at-home-mom WITHOUT internet. 

a pretty unsatisfied customer that has absolutely no loyalty to you and will be switching as soon as possible.  

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