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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Present Day: Need some ideas

okay, i know i only have a few followers, but please, can anyone give me some ideas.  i'm what i like to call...."creatively challenged".  i love projects and whatnot, but i'm one of the least creative people out there.  i just started following a new blog, and i'm TOTALLY inspired to get my house looking a little more like a home....little less like a dorm room.  sooooo....i have a whole bunch of rocks that are extremely special to me and i've been wanting to do something with them for 3 years now.  these aren't cool rocks or anything, they're just your standard, grey rocks, all different shapes and sizes.  but i need to showcase them somehow.  HELP!  any ideas?  my blog isn't cool enough to be able to offer an incentive reward for ideas, but i'd be extremely appreciative of your help.

here's the new blog i'm following....haven't read too much yet, but i like what i see so far.  she's a little more popular than me...over 11,000 followers.  can you tell i have blog-esteem issues?


  1. Stack them! I did that with some rocks I just like the looks of and it really seems to make them look pretty good. You could glue them if need be. Mine are just sitting on a shelf in my sewing room, out of the way of being jostled, so they don't need it, but if you want to have them more 'front and center' some glue for stability wouldn't be a bad idea. What kind of glue, you say? Hmm, maybe something more like a clear caulking stuff that can fill in minor variances in the spacing between the rocks. Go to the hardware department and look around!

  2. will they fit in a jar? I like the look of a jar full of rocks on a shelf or mantel. Maybe an old Ball jar or something. Or even a basket...hmmm.
    BTW, I found you through a comment you left on a blog that was linked to through scary mommy.

  3. thank you guys! i love these ideas! i want to try both. i have quite a few of the rocks...all sizes and shapes. i'm sure you're wondering the significance...well, maybe you're not, but just in case, they are rocks that we pulled out of the ground when we dug our son's grave. i couldn't bear to throw them out, so they've been sitting in a pile for three years now...waiting to be displayed. keep the ideas rolling in!! see, this is why i love blogging...i get help from people that are lucky enough to have a creativity gene.

  4. Hi, it's the same 'a nony mouse' of the first post. If you have larger rocks, perhaps a stack or two in your garden? Perhaps for a quiet meditative area in memory of your lost babies? You are talking about decorating your house, you could also do the garden... plant some forget me nots, some baby's breath (although that can be invasive, so maybe not...), plants for their birth months (lots of those lists online, I'm sure), sweetly fragrant plants (like your lilacs), a tree for shade, a bench for sitting. A water feature perhaps, they can be done in half barrels, and you've got a refuge in nature. Don't underestimate the ability of nature to help one heal and deal.

  5. I like the last post. I was actually going to suggest something similar. You could even make it an indoor garden by using a planter box maybe & like 'a nony mous' said, plant ALL of your babies birth flowers & use those rocks. Maybe a way to signify having all of your babies together always.