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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Present Day: Not Hittin' The Bottle

so i need some help...LS (living son for those of you who are new to my awesome blog) will. not. eat.  okay, that's an exaggeration.  i'm having a very difficult time with him lately.  i've asked the pediatrician many times how much he should be eating each day because i'm so worried about him not getting enough.  they said that i need to make sure that he gets a minimum pf 24 ounces of formula per 24 hours, and then whatever solids he eats on top of that are just a little bonus.  they've really down-played solids. they said that during the first year formula is their main source of calories and nutrition and that solids are more just to teach them how to eat and see if they have reactions to any foods. 

soooo.....the past few weeks just haven't been going well.  there are days that i struggle just to get 24 ounces down him.  then, since the pediatrician has said the formula is most important, there are some days that i only give him one solid meal, or sometimes none even at all because i'm trying to get him to eat the formula first.  today he was just awful.  he didn't want to have anything to do with the bottle until bedtime. and for several weeks now he fights me like crazy on the solids.  he's in misery the entire meal.  the other really bizarre thing is that when he wakes up in the morning he couldn't give a crap about eating.  i mean, helloooo???? you haven't eaten for 12 hours, aren't you hungry?  i'm starving when i wake up! i really think that i could not feed him at all until 9 or 10 and he wouldn't even notice.  then, i have this book put out by the american academy of pediatrics (who by the way i think are a bit pompous, but...) and they have in there a "sample" daily menu for an 8-12 month-old.  psh....yeah freaking right.  there is NO WAY he would eat everything they have on that sample menu.  they have on there 1/2 cup of yogurt.  what the hell?  aren't they not supposed to have dairy until 12 months?  i mean seriously, they have listed there like twice the amount of food that LS has in one day (solids and formula combined). 

so what do i do???  the hubs thinks that LS's appetite has dropped off because it's so hot.  he says that everyone loses their appetite when it's hot.  is that true?  has anyone else found that?  i'm at a total loss here.  i wanted to reach out here before i call pediatrics again.  i feel like i'm there every week...he's got a cough....he's got a rash...he's got a runny nose...he's cranky.  they probably think i'm nuts. 

of course, my main concern is LS's eating, but just to be george costanza for a second...."i'm paying for that meal!!!".  remember that episode?  it's where he thinks his girlfriend is barfing after her meals.  of course, pig that george is he says, "of course i'm concerned...i'm paying for that meal!!!".  but seriously, formula's damn expensive and i'm throwing a ton of it out!  hmmmm....maybe i'll take that out of his allowance when he's older.....just like i fully intend to wake him up at 5:15 or 5:30 am when he's a teenager....payback's a bitch man. 


  1. Is he still wetting enough? Keep an eye on his diapers, as long as he's getting close (like 20oz) I wouldn't worry too much if he's still wet.

    My kids go in spurts where they'll eat tons for a few days and then back off for a few. As long as they are wet and happy and gaining steadily, I think it's ok.

  2. With my first, I was totally convinced that something was wrong when she stopped gaining weight at the same rate as before. I kept going to the doctor. Later, I realized that she just wasn't growing as fast at that time - a non growth spurt, I guess. The photos of her show a happy pudgy little chub.
    With the others, I pretty much let them take the lead. If they wanted to eat more solids, and they were gaining weight and healthy, so be it. One of them refused to eat anything they couldn't spoon, once they learned to use the spoon about 10 months old, I think? She did still nurse tho, at night and nap time.

  3. thanks guys! jayme...he is still having wet diapers, so i haven't been worried in that department. everything seems to be fine in plumbing section. shygirl...ugh...i know!!! my husband is probably freaking out more than i much do you think he weighs...why won't he eat?

    i think i figured out that part of the problem is that he just gets really sick of eating the same things over and over. we're on a limited menu because we're trying to introduce foods one at a time, so i think part of the problem was that he was just bored with his choices. i've been trying to mix it up more, and have been combining foods into one puree. it seems to have helped.

    thank you for your advice! everything is so new and different and scary with the first living one!